Watch this short video to find out about me, Jennie:

About me

Hey, my name's Jennie Reed. I'm an English language coach for non-native teachers of English. I've been teaching English since 2010, and I've taught thousands of hours in businesses, schools, and summer camps across Austria, Italy, Germany, England, Wales and now I'm in Scotland. In 2019, I completed my diploma in TESOL.

Since August, 2020, I've been able to focus more on my passion, which is teaching teachers, just like you. I've been really lucky that a good education has always been part of my life. And I would like to share my positive experiences by helping others create good learning environments in their classrooms.

The work that I do with teachers, just like you, means that I have the capability to help some refugees. I volunteer with a charity organization called RefuAid here in the UK. And, I help refugees who want to continue their education, but need a bit of extra support with their English. It's a really great experience. 

I'm open and friendly. And I have a lot of patience and my reliability and curiosity are qualities that I am proud to bring into my classroom. Thank you for watching the video. Hope to speak to you soon. Bye.

Watch this short video to find out about Excellence in English Education:

About Excellence in English Education

I understand that non-native teachers often have doubts or fears about their English use often about their pronunciation and I have spoken to many teachers who feel the need to revert to their mother tongue in order to manage their classroom

Here at Excellence in English Education, we believe that non-native teachers of English should have 100% confidence in their pronunciation and their use of language in the classroom. That's why we've put together a 10 week program to help build your confidence so that you can get better results for your students.

And they can become independent speakers of English too.

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