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5-Day Pronunciation Challenge

English pronunciation is not easy, especially when it's not your first language. 

But don't worry, you're not alone.

To help you build up your confidence so you can speak proudly and clearly, take part in the 5-day Pronunciation Challenge.

YouTube Videos

For pronunciation tips on how to pronounce tricky sounds, videos to boost your confidence and how to clearly differentiate between certain sounds.

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Resources for Teachers of English

How to Keep up with your Advanced English Skills
How to Keep up with your advanced English

I know from personal experience; if you don't use your language skills they soon disappear.


What will it do for your confidence when you're not constantly grading your language?


How will it feel once you're spending more time speaking advanced English?

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Weekly Wonders and Monthly Marvels

This is a complimentary resource put together especially for teachers of English, which is full of tips, teaching ideas, and more! It is sent out on Tuesdays each week.

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Top Tips to gain Control of Mixed Level Classes

Want to know how to deal with classrooms of different level students?

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Pronunciation Videos

Are you still unsure of the difference between the sounds /ɪ/ and /i:/? 

I have a free 2-minute video which clearly explains how to pronounce these two sounds, looking at mouth shape and tongue position, with several examples.

25 Top Tips!

Do you feel like you have to revert to your mother tongue in the classroom?

Would you like to use more English?

Click here for 25 tips to help you start moving towards an English-only classroom environment today.

Youtube Videos

I have a selection of YouTube Videos on various topics, such as pronunciation, using English in the classroom and building your confidence.

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