What do you do?

We help non-native speakers of English build up their confidence to work towards an English-only working environment in order to help them get better results by empowering them to understand how their English skills can support them in reaching their goals.

Who do you work with?

We work with speakers of English as a second language. We also have some specific courses for teachers who teach English as a foreign language.

Where do you work?

Currently all our courses are run online through weekly video calls.

What do you use for the video calls?

We usually use Zoom, as we find this platform to be the most intuitive for teaching English online. We can also use Skype or Google Meet at our clients' request.

How often do you meet?

Most of our clients request weekly meetings, although twice weekly, or even every two weeks, could also be possible.

How much do the courses cost?

The cost of the courses vary, depending on which course you're interested in, check out the different courses here.

What is unique about your courses?

Our courses are tailor-made specifically for non-native speakers of English, with a personalised pronunciation plan to help you get the most from your English Language Skills.

More Questions?

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