Do you ever feel that

  • you know the vocabulary and the grammar, but still don't understand what was said?
  • your team doesn't always react the way you expect after you've spoken in English?
  • you don't get the jokes, even though you understood the words?

Imagine if instead... aim for and reach your professional goals, knowing your language skill are supporting you are able to smilerelax and focus on your message, while connecting with people around you hold your head high when speaking with proficient English speakers

Do you want to make sure what you say is coming across exactly as you mean it to?
Using your intonation can help you convey your message clearly.

Sign up for this workshop for non-native speakers of English to give you an insight into how you can get control of your intonation.

What is Intonation anyway?

Intonation is the way your voice moves when you're speaking.

Especially when it affects the meaning of the words being said.

Intonation could be used to:

- tell a joke

- be sarcastic

- add extra emotion to your story

It's the way you know when someone is smiling when they're talking to you on the phone.

In a second language these aspects of language can be a little different.

But you can learn how to identify them when others speak.

And use them yourself to build up your confidence to communicate with ease.

This Workshop involves:

  • gaining a deeper understanding of how intonation can be used to express your feelings towards something
  • making your own intonation clearer and more natural
  • learning about which words are the keywords which need emphasis to get the real meaning across

This workshop is designed for you if you feel like your message is often misunderstood, and would like to make sure your message is clear.

Or perhaps you feel like you're missing something when listening to fluent speakers and you would love to gain some clarity.

You'll be able to gain some more insights to intonation, comparing how it can change the meaning of a sentence and how you can use intonation to get your message understood more clearly.

Invest in Yourself

Annaluna has benefited from working on her pronunciation:

"I am little by little working on my "favourite" mistakes to correct them and Jennie is always there to provide guidance, advice and motivation.

The course is excellent: it’s extremely useful, customised, effective and the materials she creates are relevant and interesting.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to sound more authentic in their spoken English and feel more confident.

As far as I’m concerned, I would have loved to meet her a long time ago!"