Get control of your vowel sounds

In this 30 minute workshop, split into 5 parts, you will learn the differences between mouth shape and tongue position for:

  • /ɪ/ and /i:/
  • /æ/ and /ʌ/
  • /ɜ:/ and /ɔ:/

So that you can clearly differentiate between words like; sit and seat, lack and luck or work and walk.

Work through the videos at your own pace. Watch them as many times as you like. Pause them to copy and repeat.

Have fun playing around with vowel sounds and the minimal pairs.

Leave questions in the comments for some personal feedback.

If you feel like your vowel sounds get mixed up
and would love to gain some clarity,
then this workshop is for you.


"I definitely know better how the most "tricky" vowel sounds are actually pronounced and remembering that helps me pronouncing them correctly."


"The most interesting part of the course has been comparing sounds of vowels that sound similar, this helped a lot to focus on the actual different sounds." 


"I think this course should be held at universities everywhere."