Welcome! My mission is to help you:

  • feel more confident in your English pronunciation to speak clearly and with clarity

  • deliver inspiring and engaging lessons in English for greater job satisfaction

  • become a better model for your students to copy to help your learners become fluent speakers of English

  • immerse your students in an English-only classroom environment for better results

  • maximise your opportunities by investing in your professional development

How will it feel when you have complete conviction in your English ability and total control of the English language when teaching your students?

Non-native English Teachers gain total control of their English language skills and manage their classrooms entirely in English with Excellence in English Education


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Business English Teacher
from Italy

"Jennie é gentile, sorridente, molto professionale. Ho ricevuto da lei non solo spunti interessanti ma anche un buon rapporto, fondamentale nell'apprendimento."

"Jennie is kind, smiling, very professional. I received from her not only interesting hints but also a good relationship, fundamental in learning."

- Angela B.

High School English Teacher
from Italy

"Ho frequentato l'"English Course for English teachers" e posso dire che Jennie è un'insegnante molto brava. Il suo corso è molto interessante e fresco. Mi ha aiutato a migliorare le mie abilità in Inglese in molti modi diversi! Raccomando fortemente i suoi corsi!"

"I attended the "English Course for English teachers" and I can say that Jennie is a very good teacher. Her course is very interesting and fresh. She helped me enhance my English teacher's skills in so many ways! I strongly recommend her courses!"

-Maria G.

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High School English and Sardinian Teacher from Italy

"Ho frequentato il corso privato per docenti di lingua inglese "Advanced Classroom English" con Jennie e devo ammettere che ha superato le aspettative. Jennie è un'insegnante fantastica e mi ha aiutato tanto a migliorare la mia performance in classe e a sentirmi più sicura con i miei studenti. Lei è molto flessibile e disponibile ad aiutarti tutte le volte che hai bisogno. Se sei un/una insegnante di inglese, ti consiglio vivamente di dare un'occhiata al sito e all'offerta didattica di Jennie."

"I attended a private course for English Teacher "Advanced Classroom English" with Jennie and I must admit that it exceeded the expectations. Jennie is a great teacher and helped me a lot to improve my performance in class and to feel more confident with my students. She is very flexible and available to help you with explanations all the time you need. If you are an English teacher I strongly suggest you to take a look at Jennie's profile and offer."

- Dalila M.

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CELTA Certified English Teacher
from Italy

"Oltre ad essere utili, le lezioni di Jennie sono anche molto piacevoli. Le sue scelte, in termini sia di argomenti trattati che di attività proposte, sono state del tutto azzeccate, e le sue correzioni precise e chiaramente argomentate.

Mi sento di raccomandare pienamente i suoi corsi a qualunque docente che, come me, vorrebbe assicurarsi che il proprio livello sia adeguato, ma anche a qualsiasi utente di alto livello che volesse semplicemente affinare ulteriormente il proprio Inglese."


"On top of being useful, Jennie’s lessons are also just plain enjoyable. Her pick of both topics and activities has been spot-on for me, and her corrections are to the point and clearly explained.

I would easily recommend her courses to any teacher that, like me, would like to make sure their level is up to par, but also to any high-level speaker who simply wants to polish their language even further."

- Francesco G.


Helping English teachers like you, for whom English
is a second or foreign language,
is my passion.

Having taught English for over a decade,
I've finally found my calling:

to help you gain the confidence you need to
empower your own students to become
independent English speakers

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Jennie has been recognized as one of the 
Top Language Coaches
Coach Foundation.

We understand that non-native teachers of English often feel that they need to revert to their mother tongue when managing their classroom.

Here at Excellence in English education, we feel that teachers should be 100% comfortable with their English pronunciation and the language they can use in their classroom.

We've put together a 10-week programme to build your confidence so you can get better results for your students and they can become independent English speakers.

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Want to get better results for your students?

Our (free!) weekly wonders include:
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  • pronunciation tips
  • conversation starters
  • and much more
to help you get the results you want
for your students.

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