By the end of the course, you will have:

  • complete confidence in your accent
  • total control of your pronunciation
  • clarity of difficult to pronounce sounds
  • the ability to teach pronunciation to your students

The Course involves

-gaining a deeper understanding of the sounds in the English language in order to be able to teach pronunciation confidently

-being able to comprehend fast speech more easily in order to communicate with ease

-making your own pronunciation clearer and more fluent to be a better model for your learners

-removing any self-doubt of your own pronunciation so you can speak with clarity and confidence

-receiving tailored one-to-one advice and tips on your personal pronunciation challenges

1:1 classes scheduled at convenient times for you

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"Sto attualmente seguendo un corso one-to-one con Jennie, incentrato principalmente, ma non esclusivamente, sulla pronuncia e sui fenomeni fonetici nella lingua Inglese.

Mi fa molto piacere poter dire che, finora, il corso mi è stato di grande utilità. E’ spesso difficile per un insegnante, abituato a non poter impiegare la totalità delle sue abilità, valutare correttamente i suoi stessi punti di forza e quelli in cui è meno capace, e Jennie è stata molto abile sia ad identificare aree di miglioramento nel mio Inglese, che a progettare attività che andassero ad agire efficacemente su quelle aree. Persino dopo un numero relativamente basso di lezioni, posso dire che la mia sicurezza è migliorata, e ho smesso di fare alcuni piccoli errori dei quali neanche mi accorgevo." 

"I am currently attending a one-to-one course with Jennie, focusing primarily, but not exclusively, on pronunciation and phonetic phenomena in the English language.

I am very happy to say that, so far, the course has been incredibly useful to me. It is often difficult, for a teacher, who is used to not being able to use the full breadth of their skill, to properly assess their own strengths and weaknesses, and Jennie has been very good at both identifying areas of improvement in my own language and in designing activities that effectively target those areas. Even after a relatively small number of lessons, I can feel that my confidence has improved, and I stopped making some small mistakes that I wasn’t even aware I was making."

- Francesco G.

Bonus Support

This course includes full email support between sessions during office hours as well as assignments to practise what is being learnt each week (worth up to £200 over a 10-week programme).

Bonus Speaking Opportunity

Everyone signed up to this course has the opportunity to attend our monthly conversation club (via Zoom), to share thoughts and ideas with others and to practise speaking English in a relaxed environment (worth £75 over a 10-week programme)

Bonus for this month only

If you sign up before the end of the month you will also gain free access to my online platform to help you review the aspects of pronunciation covered during the programme (worth £250)


£350 for 5 sessions

£600 for 10 sessions

Free 15-minute Discovery Call

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Of course we're confident you'll be delighted with our course, but if not, we will offer a full refund when requested within 14 days of the coaching starting.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.

Do I have to stop after my 10 sessions?

Absolutely not! If you find yourself in need of more coaching, simply purchase the product again.